Course Pairing Program to Launch in the Spring

Arts and Sciences students will soon be able to earn six credit hours in the time that it would normally take to earn three thanks to a new pilot program called Integrative Course Pairing set to launch in the spring.

“If a student is able to take two or three classes like this during his or her time period here, it shortens their time to graduate in a pretty significant way,” said the pilot program’s faculty lead Angela Hall-Godsey. “It also encourages faculty to start branching out to more technology-based learning, which our students are yearning for.”

The pilot program pairs two separate, undergraduate courses together in an effort to increase student’s interdisciplinary understanding and knowledge of course material.

Each course in the course pair will meet once a week with its professor. Video lectures, joint course readings and homework assignments and interactive digital timelines will be used to round out the joint course offering.

The course pairs set for the spring are Mathematical Music Theory (Math 4998/8800 with Music 4460/6460), American Historical Literature (History 2110 with English 2130), Psychology of Politics (Political Science 4160 with Psychology 4800) and Marginal Bodies (English 3040 with English 3290).

The pilot program’s facilitators hope that the course pairings assist in the college’s efforts to expand technology-based learning opportunities, increase student retention and ultimately contribute to undergraduate success.

“I hope students become excited about learning. I know that they are already excited about learning but many of them get through these core courses like it’s drudgery,” said Hall-Godsey. “It would be nice if in the process of taking these core courses, students were inspired.”

Registration for course pairs is available through GoSOLAR. To learn more about the pilot program, please visit the Integrative Course Paring website.